Green Coffee Beans - India Cherry Robusta

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Robusta Green Coffee Beans

Robusta coffee makes up 25% of the worlds coffee sales, but it does lack the flavor of Arabica beans. Robusta is not generally sold as as specialty coffee but it certainly has a place with roasters. Robusta is higher in caffeine content than Arabica beans and is often used in blends. These beans are also good for creating great espresso blends. For us, espresso blends is the reason to offer these beans. Aside from the added caffeine you may also want to add Robusta to give your espresso the reddish dark color of a great espresso. We recommend using around 15% Robusta in blends. 

When purchasing Robusta beans, India is the best source of quality Robusta. We hope you enjoy the addition of Robusta to your roasts. Enjoy!