Green Coffee - Brazil Sul de Minas Mariano 1 pound

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The southern region (Sul de Minas) of the Minas Gerais state is the largest producer of coffee in Brazil, with an average production of 12 million bags per year.

Rolling hills and a mild climate in an altitude of 1200 meters make this one of the most popular coffee farming areas in Brazil. 

Brazilian coffee is nutty, sweet, low in acidity and develops exceptional bittersweet and chocolate roast tastes, these beans follow that tradition. These beans are on the higher screen size of 17/18 and are a bit more complex in taste.

These beans are great for a drip coffee as an all around good cup at a City to Full City roast, but also make a nice espresso base if taken to second crack. 

Tasting notes: Certainly sweet and nutty as most Brazil coffees, but also a subtle fruit at darker roasts with notes of caramel. 

Altitude - 1200 meters

Arrival - 8/15

Dry process

Farm: Mariano

Town/City: Pocos de Caldas

Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais

Variety: catuai