Green Coffee Beans - Brazil Natural Arabica 1 lb

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The full name description for this coffee is Brazil Natural Arabica MTGB NY 2/3 SSFC... That's a lot to say. What does it mean? Ok, Brazil is obviously the country these beans were harvested from. NY states that the beans meet the quality standard of the New York Stock Exchange. 2/3 is the amount of defects allowed in the lot (no primary defects). MTGB stands for medium to good beans as relating to the bean size (15 to 16 screen size). While SSFC states another descriptor "strictly soft" and that just means free of hard flavor taints. That was a mouthful. 

To put more simply these beans produce a smooth nicely balanced cup that has some light citrus hints as well as light cocoa flavors. Again, and all around nice balanced easy drinking cup. We recommend a City to Full City roast with these beans. Also a great bean for espresso. 


Roast Coffee and Tea Company - Medford, NJ