Tanzania Coffee

Tanzania often is thought of after it's neighbor Kenya when it comes to coffee. However, a look around Tanzania will yield great coffee from Mount Kilimanjaro in the North and the area of Lake Tanganyika in the South. 

Tanzania produces coffee that has the character of other East African coffee. Typically these coffees feature bright and flavorful cups. 

You can find good quality beans in both the North and South. The most popular Tanzanian beans usually come from the North Kilimanjaro areas. 

One of the most popular coffees from Tanzania is the "Tanzania Peaberry". Peaberries are sorted out from the larger beans and sold at a premium price. Peaberries typically produce a more dynamic roast and a unique taste. Peaberry offerings have been particularly popular in the United States. 


You can find our Tanzania offerings in the African section of our green coffee beans.