Roasted Coffee: Roast Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain 1/2 pound bag

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We are always looking for amazing specialty coffee to share with you. The best of these we add to our Roast Reserve. These are available in limited quantities and are not typically easy beans to find. 

This week we are excited to share with you that we are adding to our Roast Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain! You'll need to jump on this one quick if you are interested. Arriving later this week from Mavis Banks in Jamaica. 

Mavis Banks is one of the top quality producers and the largest mill for Blue Mountain coffee, this is an excellent 2018 crop. One of the best prepared coffees in the world.

It is rich, subtle, smooth and delicate with sweet, complex undertones of chocolate and fruit. An excellent balanced coffee with a lovely aroma and a very smooth finish. Just the one for special occasions, keep some around.

All Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee must be certified by the coffee industry board of Jamaica. The regulations are very strict and much of the coffee is rejected.

If you'd like us to set some aside please reach out and let us know. We don't expect this to last very long. 

Keep an eye out for our next Roast Reserve offering coming soon!