Where have my Sumatra coffee beans been?

Sumatra is a favorite for many coffee lovers. Recently we have had very limited availability and wanted to share the cause. 

At Roast, we roast all of our coffee beans on site. So we really on fresh supplies of beans from farmers located in the country of origin. Sumatra was hit hard with a bad crop due to weather in the fall and has been in nearly non existent supply since then. The rainy season in Indonesia lasted several weeks past the norm. Much of that fall crop was unusable and was small to begin with. 

The little coffee that was left to sell was small batches, old beans, or very low quality beans. 

So the hope for Sumatra hinges on the spring crop. Early news sounds slightly better and we will update you as soon as we are able to return to roasting Sumatra beans. If you love Sumatra and are looking for something similar stop in or send us a message (info@roastcc.com) we'd love to share some thoughts on alternatives you might like. 

Roast Coffee Co.