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Papua New Guinea Returns!

Papua New Guinea is a great coffee, but this is the best Papua New Guinea we've had.

New Guinea is the second largest island in the world. The western half of New Guinea is part of Indonesia. The Indonesian half of the island was formerly called "Irian Jaya". Today, it is known as Papua, and it is divided into two provinces – Papua and West Papua.

These beans are from the central highlands known as the Kamu Valley in the Nabire Region. Nabire lies at the eastern edge of the central highlands, surrounding the town of Moanemani. Altitudes between 1,400 and 2000 meters, creating ideal conditions for Arabica production.

All coffee is shade grown under Calliandra, Erythrina and Albizia trees. Farmers in Papua use a wet hulled process. Chemical fertilizer pesticide and herbicide are unknown in this origin, which makes this coffee both rare and valuable.

We think you are going to love these beans. You can expect a modest, low-toned richness, slightly earthy, along with a low acidity that distinguishes most Indonesian coffees, along with light fruity notes. Give some a bag a try with the 10% off coupon below or stop in for a drip cup, french press, or a pour over.