Man Charged With Driving Under The Influence Of Caffeine

Prosecutors in California have dropped a DUI charge against a man charged last year for driving under the influence of caffeine.

“After further consideration, without a confirmatory test of the specific drug in the defendant’s system that impaired his ability to drive, we do not believe we can prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt,” Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams said last week in one of the most strangely titled press releases you’ll ever see:


Prosecutors filed charges against 36-year-old Farfield Joseph Schwab after the responding officer believed Schwab to be “under the influence of a combination of substances, including a stimulant and a depressant.”

The DA’s press release said, “The officer’s observations included the defendant’s erratic and reckless driving, his demeanor at the time of the traffic stop, and his performance on a number of field sobriety tests.”

Following the traffic stop, the county DUI unit decided to move forward with the DUI charge, despite the fact that a blood sample sent to a laboratory for standardized substances came back negative for any alcohol or drugs except for caffeine, and despite Schwab’s insistence on his own innocence.

“Based upon the lack of drug results, the case did present some challenges,” the DA’s office said.