A Customers Recent Review Of Organic Brazil Finca Primavera Premium Natural

alt_text William M.
Before drinking . . . 
It's still winter, and I'm still drinking a mocha that I make with the coffee I've previously roasted and ground - all in a French press with cocoa and hot water and so on and so forth. So, I cannot discourse on the finer points of the flavor profile of this coffee, except to say it makes a great mocha. As to roasting, I notice: 1. The bean mass is quite clean. I roast under a strong light directed at the beans, as I stir them with a wire whisk and roast them with a heat gun. This allows me to closely monitor the appearance of the beans during roasting. It also allows me to see obvious flaws in the quality of the beans. In this shipment, the beans are uniformly well-shaped, uniformly same-shaped, same-colored. 2. Roasting time is a tad longer than other varieties, but this is a feature, not a bug. I usually roast to 90 seconds behond second crack. A fast-roasting variety gets there in under 15 minutes. This variety gets there close to 19 or 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature at the start. 3. First crack is easily discernible. Second crack is slow to get fully underway, but it's clear when it's at that point - a busy, bacon-frying sound. 4. During cooling - that is, being poured back and forth between colanders - the beans do not break apart as they sometimes do with other varieties. Overall, it is very easy to control the rate of the roasting with these beans.