4 Quick Thoughts on Coffee Trends In 2017

Our quick look ahead at 2017 and some trends in coffee. 

1. Millennials are now the largest generation. Baby Boomers have been passed, and that means more focus by business on the Millennial generation. Millennials are more mobile and more socially active. While previous generations often focused on value and an in home experience, this generation is focused on ease of access and the experience. 

2. Last year canned and bottled ready to drink coffee reached over $2 billion in sales. The quick ready to drink experience is clearly gaining ground. This is an area along with cold coffee that will continue to grow in 2017. Dunkin announced that in 2017 it is partnering with Coca-Cola to bring new cold coffee offers to shelves. 

3. Nitro Coffee will continue to grow in popularity this year as shops look for unique alternatives to bottled ready to go coffee. 

4. Iced coffee saw a rise in popularity over the last several years but this year will be overtaken by cold brew. This shouldn't be surprising given the rise in popularity last year with cold brew. (More info on getting started with cold brew here)