Chemex comes to Roast

We are excited to be adding Chemex products to our store. Chemex not only brews an amazing pour over cup but is also a true work of art (Chemex is actually displayed in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art).


Chemex has been in use since being invented in 1941. Chemex continues to have a strong following of die hard fans. One of the key components of Chemex is actually the filters. These filters are 30% heavier than just about any other filter and are formulated to remove sediment while simultaneously allowing aromatic compounds to pass through. 

Chemex is all glass and allows you to view the entire process as its happening. Another great benefit of the brewer being all glass is how easy it is to clean. 

Truly an impressive brewer even when sitting empty on a counter.

Other online retailers may charge slightly less but our price includes shipping charges. So the price you see is the final price. Make it an even better deal by adding some green coffee to the order and skipping the shipping charges. 

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