100% Kona is our first reserve roast special offering - Roast Coffee Company, Medford NJ

Yesterday we roasted the first of our limited quantity of 100% Kona from Greenwell farms in Hawaii. While these beans have a high cost, if you are a Kona lover you won't want to miss them. It is important to know that coffee sold as Kona on store shelves is often a blend that contains 10% actual Kona coffee. This is pure 100% Kona. 

This is a 2018 crop and cannot get any fresher, We are roasting a few half pound bags in store ($30), and will have some by the cup as french press offer ($10). 

The Greenwell Farms legacy began in 1850 when Henry Nicholas Greenwell left England and first set foot on the fertile soil of rural Kona.
Greenwell farms is one of the biggest names in Kona coffee. This is their highest quality bean, a very large, clean, polished coffee with a flavor matching the looks. 
Tasting Notes:
What makes Kona so great? It has those lovely soft floral fruity tones at the lighter roasts; in this case, a real nice bright citrus/tart cherry tone, mixed with a sweeter caramel and slightly nutty undertone. Hints of island acidity to bring you that very well balanced, unique, and crisp cup of coffee. 
You can check on quantities left in 1/2 pound bags for delivery or pickup at this link.